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Here on Games and Cash we show you how to play the best Mahjong online - with free practice money and real money.

Mahjong is a tile game of Chinese origin and its most popular version is played with 144 tiles named Dragons, Winds, Characters, Bamboo and so on. 

Mahjong is a game of judgment and skill, much like poker, backgammon and bridge, repaying concentration, an ability to figure out odds and memorizing which tiles have already been discarded out of play.

To play Mahjong each of the four players at the table receives a number of these tiles at the start, randomly drawn. You then exchange tiles to form winning combinations and the first player to do so declares a mahjong, and is rewarded by collecting points from the others.

The game can be played both in single-table and in tournament format and in 2002 the first World Mahjong Championship was held in Tokyo. 

Given the popularity of the game, Mahjong is played in about two dozen versions around the world. The versions share the same basic game play but differ as to which tile combinations are acceptable and in the point scoring systems. 

To play Mahjong right away, simply open a free account with one of our top casinos such as Bet365 Casino and click on Mahjong to get started.

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